Who is setting the California Wildfires?

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Who is setting the California Wildfires?





The Internet is rife with theories. Let’s examine a few:




Mother Nature: The official culprit




Immigrants looking for land: This theory says that immigrants know that land will be cheap if it is going at post-apocalyptic prices




Immigrants looking for work: This theory says that contractors hire immigrants for the re-building of fire ravaged regions, so a good fire brings a good bunch iof jobs.




ISIS: Because they do bad things.




China: A bunch of China’s top industrial plants mysteriously caught fire right after China hacked all of the U.S. federal servers. Did the U.S. set Chinese plants on fire from space and now China is setting California on fire, from space, in revenge?




The state of California: California gets big bucks from the feds when it gets to declare: “A state of emergency”. More people have suddenly left California because it is too expensive to live there. Did California officials burn their own state for profit?




Fire-Fighters: The economy is still bad, despite what the news says, fire-fighters get paid a decent wage. Huge numbers of people are being employed to fight the fires. Are the fires a novel form of job creation?




Russia: Russia is the acknowledged leader in weather-control weapons. Could Russia be aiming lightning at Clifornia? Is that why all those Russian war planes were caught flying right off the California Coast just before the latest fire rampage?




Kids: Idiot kids with matches and road flares may just be trying to see how much TV than can create.




You-Tube-ers: Idiot You Tube posters may be trying to see how much You Tube craziness they can post.




Crazies: Crazy people will craze.




Tesla Cars exploding batteries: Elon Musk’s cars are world famous for having lithium ion batteries that burst into flames for no reason. California has the largest number of Tesla’s and the largest numbers of Tesla fires.




No matter the cause, the State of California needs all of the resources it can get, right now.




Please call your local Red Cross to see how you can help. Donate supplies to your local church. If you are able, contact CALFIRE to join a fire crew.











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