Who, actually, owns and controls REDDIT?

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@ It is the source of a great freedom-of-speech controversy.

@ It is where Ellen Pao works, the lady who exposed the massive mysogny and sex abuse of women in Silicon Valley by tech CEO’s and “frat-house VC’s”.

@ It’s r/news/new section is one of the biggest sources of Matt Drudge and CNN article creations.

@ The Silcon Valley Cartel funded it and manage it’s activities.

@ It is one of the few live boards that Obama attended.

@ Everything negative, about Elon Musk, a Silicon Valley Cartel member, is deleted.

@ Anything that conflicts with certain political interests is down voted, just like at Google.

@ It uses inside staff to set “up votes” and “down votes”, so what appears to be public voting is actually corporate message control.

@ It has a monopoly on the Wiki space but says “It does not need to follow freedom-of-speech rules”.

@ It uses intervention of ranking in a very precise manner.

@ It, along with Google and Facebook (Also controlled by the Silicon Valley VC Cartel) have recently announced “thought police” rules to regulate what they consider to be “the truth”.

What is the deal with Reddit? Who are they, really?



[–] ManMonkey 37 points (+37|-0) 3 hours ago 

I never understood the whole hate speech thing. Don’t you want to know what your enemy is thinking? Censorship doesn’t change anyone’s mind, it just hides what they think.

[–] hobokin 8 points (+8|-0) 3 hours ago 

Very good point.


    [–] I_am_the_clickbait 8 points (+8|-0) 2 hours ago 

    We need to be careful what we call hate speech as well. I just had someone accuse me of hate speech the other day because I used the term SJW. Somehow, I doubt they are separating actual hate speech from those who are politically opposed to them.

    Why do you think their more extreme Redditors say its “rampant?” Ideologically, they can’t separate the two.


      [–] GeorgeBurns 0 points (+0|-0) 1 hour ago 

      Aren’t you the guy who I’ve seen trying to bully people off of voat for daring to disagree with you?


        [–] I_am_the_clickbait 0 points (+0|-0) 2 minutes ago 

        Hey troll. Did you wake up for some nom noms?

        I don’t have any for you.


          [–] CobraStallone 0 points (+0|-0) 27 minutes ago  (last edited 27 minutes ago)

          That has seriously annoyed me about Reddit. Most threads outside fringe racist or parody subs fit the progressive leaning to SJW mentality, yet there’s always a post upvoted to the top complaining about the horrible and rampant racism in the thread.

          Which is usually restricted to a few comments hidden due to score at the bottom of the thread that you need to get out of your way to be offended by. I mean, I don’t mind calling people out on aggressive participation, but c’mon, if it’s not an issue on a thread or a particular sub, don’t just claim it is to feel morally superior and get positive reinforcement from strangers.

          It’s super sad for them and not conductive to discourse for us when they are trying to extrapolate horrible beliefs in everyone out of what they post.


            [–] i208khonsu 4 points (+4|-0) 2 hours ago 

            Totally agree, I want assholes to freely represent their opinions. I want people like Pao to be able to express their dumb ass opinions. If we censor people being assholes, we don’t know who the assholes are.


              [–] ScrewdriverOo 3 points (+3|-0) 1 hour ago  (last edited 1 hour ago)

              I find that the more someone is forced to explain their incredibly stupid position on something, the more their point unravels. She, and people like her don’t want to have to defend their authoritarian position on being accepting. They are well aware that they have no real argument that paints their position in the perfect light. Any person that challenges their position on this or really anything, is labeled the enemy because they think differently. Freedom and acceptance is the last thing they want, they want to feel special. Oxymorons are what they preach, but they themselves are just hypocrites. It all boils down to: I peacefully accept your opinion, as long as you submit to giving it up for mine.


                [–] Zen0 0 points (+0|-0) 2 hours ago 

                …and in hiding what they think, it prevents anyone else from joining the ranks of “your enemy”


                  [–] ManMonkey 2 points (+2|-0) 2 hours ago 

                  I suppose that is true, but….

                  Either what “your enemy” said makes no sense and therefore only willful idiots will join


                  They have a point. If so, the way to defeat them is to address the issue and, well, CHANGE.


                    [–] Zen0 1 points (+1|-0) 2 hours ago 

                    I agree with you, just trying to see it from the other point of view… change would be ideal, but highly unlikely when an individual has a vested interest in things remaining the same, regardless of the repercussions that will follow.

                    We’ve regressed into a society willing to accept long-term costs for the short term benefits.

                    That being said, never doubt the power of enough willful idiots.


                      [–] Cold_Guinea_Pig 0 points (+0|-0) 12 minutes ago 

                      Well if there are that many ‘willful idiots’, then maybe they have a point? Just because their opinions are different from yours doesn’t make them wrong. Maybe you have to change sometimes. That’s why it is important to let everyone have their say.


                        [–] HP48GX 2 points (+2|-0) 2 hours ago 

                        doesn’t work that way, simply because reddit is only one of the many, many sources of information.

                        it’s on par with trying to keep your 16 year old boy away from porn by preventing him to buy playboy magazine. Completely ineffective “solution” to the wrong problem.


                          [–] abear 2 points (+2|-0) 2 hours ago 

                          Worked really well for the Romans! Worked really well with Prohibition! Worked really well with the War on Drugs!


                            [–] Zen0 0 points (+0|-0) 2 hours ago 

                            America’s never been one to learn from their mistakes or the mistakes of others.


                              [–] w6fu 12 points (+12|-0) 3 hours ago 

                              She has absolutely no idea what she’s doing.

                              [–] Zen0 5 points (+5|-0) 2 hours ago 

                              She’s following orders…. She knows exactly what she is doing.


                                [–] w6fu 9 points (+9|-0) 2 hours ago 

                                While true, there’s no end game for her to follow these orders.

                                She’s a lawyer by profession, and she just burned all of her bridges there so she’ll never work as a lawyer again. This whole “CEO” thing clearly isn’t her deal, so by following these orders the only possible space she could find further employment is with these companies. The rub there is all of these companies try to have a community, and it’s pretty clear she’s got no idea how to foster an online presence.

                                So to summarize, she’s about $1MM in debt from the court case alone (which she’ll be forced to pay) and not be able to work in her profession any longer, or the next profession she’s tried to enter.

                                She’s fucked after this.


                                  [–] Dantastic77 2 points (+2|-0) 2 hours ago  (last edited 2 hours ago)

                                  She’s fucked after this.



                                    [–] ThisLooksLikeReddit 0 points (+0|-0) 1 hour ago 

                                    She’s the fucking CEO, how is she following orders if she’s on top?


                                      [–] Danbear 1 points (+1|-0) 48 minutes ago 

                                      Well, in the real world everyone has a boss.

                                      Reddit is actually owned by a larger company, who is owned by a group of other companies and investors.

                                      So she may be the CEO of Reddit, but she still must follow the wishes and goals or Reddit’s parent company, who must follow the wishes and goals of their parents and investors.

                                      Even if reddit were its own creature free and true, she would still have to answer to the shareholders and investors of reddit.

                                      The only time she would get to be the true big boss would be if reddit was a “disregarded entity” which would be a few types of LLCs or such. But that would mean that Reddit would exist as an entity of Ellen Pao in all legal and tax aspects. So if Reddit got sued, Ellen Pao got sued, and all her assets would be available. In that case, she would have no other bosses or no one on top of her, or no investors to answer too (maybe).


                                        [–] nogodsorkings 0 points (+0|-0) 8 minutes ago 

                                        To some degree, all media outlets not explicitly right-wing must move in lockstep with the leftist soft consensus on what allowable opinion is, or they fall out of favor with polite society. It certainly helps that she’s a true believer in this.

                                        Reddit also wants investors, which means that it needs advertisers, and advertisers want high-value customers with money and a willingness to spend it. Data overwhelmingly suggest that the people who have good money are socially liberal, and socially liberal people also spend more on luxury status goods. Even if they aren’t aware of these things so explicitly, the management of reddit has to be aware of the fact that a reddit that is a breeding ground for right-wing ideas is painfully unmarketable, and deprives the owners of the social status rewards of being a progressive force.


                                          [–] the_professor 0 points (+0|-0) 3 minutes ago 

                                          shareholders/board of directors


                                            [–] TrevMD 12 points (+12|-0) 2 hours ago 

                                            There are certain posts that do make people feel unsafe, that people feel threatened or they feel that their family or friends or people near them are going to be unsafe

                                            And that’s the crux of this problem. There is a massive difference between being threatened and feeling threatened, between being unsafe and feeling unsafe. The former requires intervention from authorities, because for all intents and purposes it’s against the law. The latter requires you to get thicker skin and grow up.

                                            [–] Lake 6 points (+6|-0) 2 hours ago 

                                            The site’s goal is to create an echo chamber full of political correctness. It won’t be long before comments will just be one word sentences because anything more than that runs the risk of offending someone.

                                            I realized it was going down hill when I enjoyed reading the bottom comments (downvoted to hell) and sorting by controversial more than the top comments. The top comments were filled with the same old liberal circlejerk and meme’s that had been beat to death.

                                            [–] Zen0 5 points (+5|-0) 2 hours ago 

                                            Even one word sentences hold the potential to allegedly offend.

                                            Prime Example of one-word censorship


                                              [–] Amarok 1 points (+1|-0) 1 hour ago  (last edited 1 hour ago)

                                              That’s just a bot triggering on specific words. People have crafted some stunningly complex speech filters with automod, so it’ll insta-remove anything that contains trigger words and phrases. Since the regex for this tends to be arcane as fuck, there’s basically one massive master filter list being shared among the mods. Everyone is too lazy to craft it carefully for their subs, so they just load the damn thing in whole hog, which results in a lot of unnecessary filtering.

                                              This problem would take care of itself if reddit allowed their voting system to evolve. Hopefully Voat will not have that problem.


                                                [–] rocky14 1 points (+1|-0) 1 hour ago 



                                                  [–] rocky14 1 points (+1|-0) 1 hour ago  (last edited 1 hour ago)

                                                  (just testing, please don’t hurt me)


                                                    [–] tonycongo 1 points (+1|-0) 2 hours ago  (last edited 2 hours ago)

                                                    It won’t be long before comments will just be one word sentences because anything more than that runs the risk of offending someone.

                                                    I have a feeling lots of race-baity sentences degrading white people will make it through.

                                                    Whatever happened to the adage “you can’t make everyone happy?” When will millennial progressives figure that out?


                                                      [–] Zen0 1 points (+1|-0) 2 hours ago  (last edited 2 hours ago)

                                                      I’m with you… Millenials refuse to accept it as a Zero-sum Game… which misses the point entirely.

                                                      They ignore the fundamental question: “Who should be happy?” and instead attempt to solve the impossible question: “How can we make everyone happy?”

                                                      Oh, and Haven’t you heard?! The degradation of the White community isn’t racist. /s


                                                        [–] goldfish 1 points (+1|-0) 44 minutes ago 

                                                        I thought of it was sometimes more of a conservative circlejerk, but I am glad to be done with circlejerking.


                                                          [–] Lake 0 points (+0|-0) 21 minutes ago  (last edited 20 minutes ago)

                                                          I saw more shitting on republicans, anyone rich, buisnesses, capitalism, oh and of course the faux news circle jerk. But yeah Im happy too.

                                                          I guess I’m being kind of hypocritical to be talking about it here, lol.


                                                            [–] internetfemale 0 points (+0|-0) 17 minutes ago  (last edited 16 minutes ago)


                                                              [–] Lake 0 points (+0|-0) 10 minutes ago 

                                                              Oh you made the mistake of thinking they wanted answers from different viewpoints. It appears to be an open-for-discussion question but there is a wrong answer. Anything that doesn’t align with their agenda.


                                                                [–] Amarok 4 points (+4|-0) 1 hour ago  (last edited 1 hour ago)

                                                                God damn these people are sooo fucking stupid it hurts.

                                                                Folks, we know the solution to this problem that actually does make everyone happy – well, almost everyone anyway.

                                                                1. Create code that can identify controversial content that is likely to offend people.
                                                                2. Have this code tag/flag comments in the background based on their content so the site knows about them.

                                                                Now we add a couple of options in your user profile…

                                                                1. [ ] Click here to disable the NSFW filter
                                                                2. [ ] Click here to disable the colorful language filter
                                                                3. [ ] Click here to disable the controversial subreddit filter

                                                                If you are a new user, or if you are not logged in, all of these default to on.

                                                                If you want free speech and no ‘censorship’, you create an account, and opt-in via your user profile by turning all of these off.

                                                                Now there is no one to blame for you seeing offensive things other than yourself – which means you can gleefully tell anyone who complains to shove their sensitive feelings right up their asses. Case fucking closed, no one will ever hear from this issue again. It’s not like this hasn’t been done before. I seem to recall forum software written in 1995 that could do this. What’s reddit’s excuse? Is their code really so fucked up that they can’t add this in? I’m guessing this feature would take Atko the better part of an afternoon at most – but then he’s an proper CS grad who knows what the fuck he’s doing. I guess reddit can’t afford to pay for talented programmers.

                                                                [–] gaftra 0 points (+0|-0) 36 minutes ago 

                                                                AFAIK, reddit had talented programmers back when it was first made. But then those jumped ship, Pao replaced them, and now no talented programmer will work there when they can’t negotiate their own salary.


                                                                  [–] Amarok 0 points (+0|-0) 24 minutes ago 

                                                                  Fair point about the salary – and being forced to move to California so you can be ‘face to face’ in this day and age… wtf.


                                                                    [–] Satrell 3 points (+3|-0) 2 hours ago 

                                                                    First account, first post.

                                                                    ^^ that exact comment made me come here… so, well done pao?!

                                                                    [–] ballsack 1 points (+1|-0) 1 hour ago 

                                                                    don’t forget to go to /v/introductions to introduce yourself (and your interests; it helps people point you towards subverses you might enjoy!), and if you have questions look through /v/askvoat! Any bugs can be reported at /v/voatdev, and that’s all, I think?


                                                                      [–] novictim 3 points (+3|-0) 2 hours ago  (last edited 1 hour ago)

                                                                      Hellen Pao drives a Tiananmen Tank over basic democratic principles and reporter asks if the seats are comfortable.

                                                                      “fight the rampant harassment “

                                                                      Where is “harassment” ever defined? What is with this reporter, Matt Weinberger? Since when is it good reporting to take on the assumptions of the interviewee and not question them?

                                                                      Ellen Pao clearly has no respect for American Values/Liberal values and seems to not understand the essence of democracy and how free speech fits into it. She does not get how pluralism operates…but she does not know that she does not know.

                                                                      Yet Pao is given the power to parade around one of the internet’s supposedly “public squares” in a Tiananmen-square” tank, running over dissenting voices while pretending to stand up for peoples “right” to not be harassed.

                                                                      Hey, Pao! That is not how a healthy society operates. Your “core values” are fascist.

                                                                      The right to not be offended is anti-liberal It is fascism to the core.

                                                                      Where was Mr. Weinberger, the reporter, when Pao’s assumptions should have been questioned?

                                                                      “It’s understandable that Pao and the Reddit team want to provide a safer space” – That is Mr. Weinberger talking, telling us how to think.

                                                                      No. It is not understandable that people should expect “safe spaces”, a code for censorship and conformity. No, they should not either expect or be allowed to silence others for what they say!

                                                                      The only legitimate right is the right to state your disagreement in a democratic forum.

                                                                      Being “not offended” is not a right, Matt Weinberger.

                                                                      There is no legitimacy in driving over the voices you disagree with and firing bans and censorship from the barrel of your tank.

                                                                      [–] lukipela 2 points (+2|-0) 3 hours ago 

                                                                      Well, clearly. You have been shadowbanning people for the last 6 years.

                                                                      [–] TH0UGHTP0LICE 0 points (+0|-0) 3 hours ago 

                                                                      …………………………….no shit

                                                                      [–] Eatyourteeth 0 points (+1|-1) 3 hours ago 


                                                                      [–] dtrainusmc 0 points (+0|-0) 2 hours ago 

                                                                      Reddit: “We are now a social media content delivery platform, not a community for open discussion”.

                                                                      [–] ballsack 0 points (+0|-0) 1 hour ago  (last edited 1 hour ago)

                                                                      At least they’re owning up to it. 90% of content shared on facebook goes through reddit first, so reddit is just realising that if they could get those people to go to reddit directly, they’d be worth that $ 50million or whatever it was.

                                                                      (coincidentally, that’s why I don’t think reddit will implode like Digg did – it might get taken over by facebook users/casual internet users, but that’s exactly what a good business needs).


                                                                        [–] dtrainusmc 1 points (+1|-0) 1 hour ago  (last edited 1 hour ago)

                                                                        I don’t think Reddit will implode in the sense that it’s going to become a barren wasteland. I think you nailed it right on the head. It’s going to be what Facebook has become, which is mostly a gigantic link dump with fighting in the comment sections. However, instead of likes, you’ll have downvotes and upvotes.

                                                                        It’ll still be called “Reddit”, but it won’t be the Reddit most of us have come to be familiar with.

                                                                        Reddit management, and it’s parent company’s management realized the value at monetizing “being the OP”. I can’t say it isn’t smart. Why wouldn’t you try to monetize? I just don’t want to play a part in it. I already have one Facebook. I don’t want another one.


                                                                          [–] GimmeTheUsual 0 points (+0|-0) 2 hours ago 

                                                                          Aaaaand the circle of destruction is nearly complete. Good job, Ellen. I’m sure the encore will be her leaving with a big CEO-style golden parachute, cackling all the way to the bank.

                                                                          [–] BigDaddyScrumptious 0 points (+0|-0) 1 hour ago 

                                                                          Regardless of anything, we need exposure to everything. That’s how we classify the BS from the facts, how we differentiate dumb people from smart and how we classify hate speech from opinion

                                                                          [–] webdevtool 0 points (+0|-0) 1 hour ago 

                                                                          Reddit to CEO Ellen Pao: “Yeah, no shit.”

                                                                          [–] taco 0 points (+0|-0) 42 minutes ago  (last edited 42 minutes ago)

                                                                          I was just about to post this if no one else had.

                                                                          Fucking ridiculous. Ever since Aaron Swartz died, shit has been hitting the fan bit by bit. Just goes to show that when anyone or anything gets enough notoriety, somebody will be out to shape, mold or destroy it.

                                                                          [–] PrimeHack00 0 points (+0|-0) 37 minutes ago 

                                                                          Hi guys, I am new to this site. I just read an article about Reddit and the CEO and they had a link here. I have never heard of this site but glad their are competitors to Reddit. I personally over the years started to hate how Reddit works. I witnessed simple non threatening logical remarks get removed. Well, I just want to say, I hope Voat does not fall in the same path as Reddit. Thanks, I look forward to discussing topics on this site.

                                                                          [–] Not_a_Miracle_Worker [S] 0 points (+0|-0) 22 minutes ago 

                                                                          It’s great to see these responses, especially on a relatively small site like voat. Also, front page! Woot!



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