What is “WINNING”?

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What is “WINNING”?

“Winning” a lawsuit means many things to many people.

As Plaintiffs who have dedicated our lives to serving the public, “Winning” means more than just getting the money we are owed.

“Winning” means placing documentation of crimes against the public on permanent public record.

“Winning” means moving law enforcement actions against the Defendants along their path to fruition.

“Winning” means taking a stand against the arrogance of unchecked corporate bullies.

“Winning” means doing what is right, fighting against evil and staying on “the side of the angels.”

“Winning” means victory without breaking a single law to attain that victory; while using creative methods and novel unexpected approaches that are backed up by the law.

And YES, “Winning” also means getting the money we are owed by the Defendants!

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