The “BLACKLIST” Attack Tactic

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Those Silicon Valley VC’s have been naughty little monkey’s.

Bribery, sex-trafficking high end escorts, collusion, stock market rigging, No-poaching conspiracies, monopoly conspiracy, and maybe a murder or two; all this, and more, may be charged in an epic organized crime investigation involving Silicon Valley names that even the mainstream public will recognize.

It all seems to have started when a blogger named Michael Arrington wrote a little story called: “So a blogger walks into a bar…”

This article exposed a little conspiracy scandal called “The AngelGate Conspiracy”. It was more of a local thing, at first.

As federal investigators looked into things, the scope of the criminals, and the crimes, became visible as a particularly sinister Cartel program that reached from the halls of Stanford to the Corridors of Capitol Hill.  This thing was big. White House Big! Vladivostok Big! Wall Street Big! Presidential Elections Big! The investigation has been years in the making, and the conclusion of it will change everything!

It turns out that nobody keeps an eye on the machinations of the Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists. Not the SEC. Many of the SEC staff are “owned” by the Silicon Valley Cartel and get paid to manipulate SEC management. Nobody watched the crooks, except one little group of law enforcement specialists; who were actually looking for Middle East bad guys, at the time. They found something else, though, just as big, and just as much of a threat, to U.S. citizens, right in their own backyard.

Being a bunch of arrogant “Frat House” boys, the VC’s adopted an out-of-control “take-what-you-can-get” process. The more they grabbed, in kickbacks, payola, political graft benefits and rigged government contracts, the less they worried about getting caught. They even packed, almost, the entire management team of the United States Department of Energy with their friends, in order to create a massive “Cleantech” kickback scam; and still nobody stopped them. They were on a roll and that roll was made of Teflon. Now it was just a matter of seeing if they could take over “everything”.

Their downfall was hubris and their sociopathic ego’s. The more they bragged about themselves in self-aggrandizing TED Talks, “Singularity Events” and in self-purchased main stream fluff articles about themselves, the more the rest of the world took a look at them. They Kim Kardashian’d themselves into such celebrities that TV networks said: “Hmmmm? Let’s make a TV show.” Mike Judge’s “Silicon Valley” TV show was born and the VC’s finally got a chance to see themselves away from their rose-colored glasses of narcissism. It was not pretty. Soon the entire world was calling them “assholes” , and they began to realize that their misogyny, racism, sex abuse, elitism and boys club antics really only flew on University Avenue, in Palo Alto and no place else. They were globally hated.

Still not quite fully grasping their tunnel-vision challenges, though, one of the leaders of their pack, one Mister Tom Perkins, founder of Kleiner Perkins, went on national media to declare that the poor members of the public, who bad-talked the Silicon Valley VC’s, must be “NAZI’S” for not respecting the superior intellect and elite standing of the Silicon Valley Cartel! That helped their image a lot!

The VC’s only read the media that they control: Venture Beat, CBS Local, Mercury News, Gawker, Gizmodo and the like. They live for self-validation and they have spent billions, building a glass bubble, made of Google, around themselves. They only want to see the world in one shade of green and they only want the rest of the world to see itself in the that same shade of green.

The VC’s then went on to get indicted for massive tax fraud. Some of them got killed by their own hookers.

They built towering sex penthouses and then had to ditch them when the media caught them. They built the Rosewood Hotel for their nooners but then had to ditch that when reporters followed them with camera drones.

Some of them are under investigations for horrible rapes. The “Godfather” of the Cartel: Kleiner Perkin’s John Doerr; famously, got sued for sex abuse by his own Kleiner partner.

Kleiner VC Vinohd Khosla got a few 60 Minutes and CNN episodes about his shenanigans. Now most of California hates him for stealing their public beach.

They rigged the lithium ion battery market, with Elon Musk, and 800 Billion taxpayer dollars of Steven Chu kickbacks, but the batteries blew up, gave off cancer vapors and the invasions of the countries that they wanted to gouge it out of, failed.

They really don’t seem to have many checkmarks on the “non-evil” side of the columns. In fact, the biggest joke, on the internet, is that John Doerr’s and Eric Schmidt’s company: GOOGLE, has a motto of “Don’t Be Evil”. Google turned out to be living the exact opposite. The Silicon Valley Cartel were using Google to control politics, the public’s mood, the stock market and other normal acts of commerce, in ways that were so invasive, and insidious, that it would make old Dr. Evil proud.  The ACLU, Snowden, China, Russia, The European Union and half of the U.S. Congress are now on Google’s butt like flies on flypaper. Google is trying to run to a new structure called ALPHABET, but it is now like a rabbit trying to outrun a thousand hounds. The real Google is exposed and most of the world, that matters, is wise to the VC’s tricks with Google. I wouldn’t bet my money on Google’s long term survival. Nobody likes Google anymore. Nobody trusts Google anymore. Their brand is fading. Their value to the world is nil. They will survive on their giant federally kick-backed bank account; but not for as long as most people think.

A number of sites, groups and organizations have evolved to put the Silicon Valley Cartel on it’s ear”

The FBI has a pretty big case going that they cannot discuss… yet.

A Grand Jury investigation is said to be underway.

A good chunk of the U.S. Congress has been looking at how to counter-measure this Cartel, for some time.

You can see many stories about the bad VC’s at sites like:

and thousands more.

You can read more by web-searching (in a non-Google search engine) the following terms:

“Steven Chu Corruption”

“Silicon Valley Cartel No Poaching Conspiracy”

“Green corruption”

“The Cleantech crash”

“Department of Energy Corruption”

“Angel Gate Conspiracy” or “AngelGate Conspiracy”

“So a blogger walks into a bar”

“Corbett Report Silicon Spies”

“Corbett Report meet In-Q-Tel”

“The Silicon Mobsters”

There is massive documentation online about the VC evils. There are huge efforts, by the Silicon Valley Cartel, to run cover-ups and get their politicians (ie: Reid, Feinstein, Holder, etc.) to deflect, and delay the indictments. That ship has sailed. They can now run but, as Snowden taught us all, they can never hide.

Vanity Fair says that Michael Arrington got a media, and legal, hit-job put on him for outing the VC’s. Payback is a bitch, though. Arrington may have the last laugh.

Since before the “A blogger walks into a bar” article, every major person in Silicon Valley was already, wired, tapped, surveilled and recorded because feds thought that the overseas bad guys might try something in the tech capital. They didn’t catch many Middle Easterners in Silicon Valley, but they did catch Westerners; doing really, really big crimes.

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