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Gold Digging

Everybody likes to wine and dine their partner, but when extravagance and material possessions become the focal point, one has to question whether the relationship is based on genuine love or just money. If you are suspicious that the person you are dating is more interested in your wallet than you, here are 8 warning signs that your friend is a gold digger.


1. They only suggest expensive gifts, trips, restaurants, etc. A gold digger will turn their nose up at heartfelt, sentimental gifts because they are eager for gifts that are caked with money that they can sell on Ebay and expect nothing less than 4 star accommodations and food venues, shopping at designer stores and exotic vacations.

2. They have temper tantrums when you don’t buy them things. A gold digger has the emotional age of a child and will not hesitate throwing a tantrum when things don’t go their way–especially when you refuse to buy something for them or give them more money.

3. They are overly concerned about your financial status. A gold digger is interested in hearing about your career and financial status from day one. They are a very manipulative people who pretend to be interested in you by asking questions about your
occupation so they can discover your job title, measure your earnings’ potential and ensure that you have plenty of income to spend on them and support their lifestyle.

4. They never pay for anything. When it comes time to pick up the check for a dinner, a movie or just about anything else the two of you are undertaking– they are nowhere to be found. If you are the one who is constantly shelling out money in the relationship, that should be your sign that they are just using you.

5. They feels entitled. A gold digger will walk around feeling entitled to the good life without feeling any need to lift a finger to achieve it. Since they crave status, attention and do not have long-term goals, the gold digger expects to drive a brand new car with luxury features and wear  $500 shoes without feeling any need to earn their own money to achieve it.  This type of high-maintenance
feels that it’s their right to be able to pursue their big dreams at the expense of financial stability, and, coincidentally, hasn’t considered who will foot the bill.

6. A female gold digger will attempt to trap men into pregnancy. Everybody knows that unless a woman decides to artificially inseminate herself, conceiving a child takes is a two person act and if you decide to have unprotected sex with a woman, then you should be man enough to accept the consequences. However, a gold digger will insist on having unprotected sex and will use lines like “I can’t feel it with the condom on, just take it off” and attempt to use guilt trips on you, i.e., “If you love me, why do you need a condom?” A gold digger hopes to get pregnant so she can use it to her financial advantage as she sees kids as a lifelong financial insurance policy. She will intentionally stop using her birth control without you knowing and will even go as far as tampering with condoms prior to intercourse, i.e., putting a pin through her boyfriend’s condom package without him ever suspecting it.


7. They heavily rely on others. A gold digger knows that you don’t want to see them get an eviction notice, or get their car repossessed, and you’re a good person who will always be in a position to help, right? Wrong. There’s a big difference between someone who’s just fallen on bad times and a person that completely relies on others for fulfilling her costs of living and purchasing needs.

8. They lack any career aspirations. A gold digger will avoid the subject of getting a job and demonstrate that they have no intention of ever developing a career outright even they are perfectly capable of doing so.

9. They want you to pay for over-sized body modifications. They say it is to excite you but they are thinking they can use it for future marketing.

10. Accidental Gold-Diggers and competitive feeding. You may not realize you are a gold-digger. If you are an ex-highly-attractive-trophy-wife/husband who was just living in a large home with a wealthy partner (In America, if one person makes over $100k/yr. that is considered “wealthy”. The average American takes home $45K/Yr. or far less), and you downsized to an apartment by yourself, you may be used to the wealthy partner paying for all the gas, parking, meals, entertainmnent tickets, drinks, tips, tolls, etc. for every $150.00+ per night of fun. If one is dating on the internet they are having to spend $150.00 per night on strangers they may never see again in their lives. That’s $4500.00 per month, extra, that one has to spend to try to find a mate. The average person only makes $2000.00 to $3000.00 per month so you can see the deficit economics of internet dating. In other words, it costs most people $2000.00+ more dollars per month, than they actually have, to internet date. See the problem? Ladies on the internet are asked out 300% more than men are on the internet. The average lady in internet dating has an average of 2-3 date requests per night while men on the internet only have 1-2 date requests per week. Men feel bad knowing that many other men are feeding and entertaining the same lady that they are competitively  feeding and entertaining, at the same time, distinctly reducing their odds of success and causing them to throw over $2000.00+ away each month. Add to this the factor that some ladies on the internet make a career out of it and that makes men feel used. A healthy balance needs to be struck when communicating about expectations.

11. Foreign hit-and-runs. As the land of plenty, the country draws hundreds of thousands of nubile young men and women from far regions, daily, where rape, abuse and brothels are common-place. The USA looks better compared to many of their harsh past environments. There are many overseas agencies that market package kits and services to get a marital partner or a dating career in your fine domestic neighborhood. Be careful of meetings arranged by overseas agencies. Require complete blood-tests and documentation if you choose to date a “green card candidate.”


According to TMZ:  “”trophy wives” are girls who look like models, always partied in school and never worked on careers, are either very dumb or insidiously smart, and plan their lives around using men for their money. They want to marry executives or tech-CEO’s and get their money in a divorce lawsuit. Executives marry them to impress their peers but they always plan to divorce them as soon as they get tired of sex with them. Trophy wives try to get pregnant as soon as possible for alimony leverage and executives try to hide their money in off-shore accounts as soon as they get pregnant so the pay-off is less than the cost of an escort per month would have been anyway.” The Hamptons in New York:, Atlanta, GA; Mill Valley, CA; Miami, FL; and Los Gatos, CA are world HQ for such things.

If you are seeking a Transactional Relationship, you need to say so prior to the first meeting. Many people rationalize that they “were raised in the south”, “are used to a gentlemen paying”, “Like a “traditional” relationship where the man pays for everything”, “expects the man to take care of things:”, but all these internal reinforcements are just avoidance statements for a Transactional Relationship. If the other person is someone you like, but, for whatever reasons, they can’t make money right now, or can’t make “big money” right now, then you need to decide if you like them as a person or as a wallet. The worst kind of hurt is to find out you are being used for cash and the emotions were fake.


If you are dating online you will get many requests for dates and you will probably take the ones with Rolling Stones tickets over the ones with dinner at Denny’s. Because you are picking the most expensive offers you are often getting those offers from those who are willing to spend the big bucks, at first, to get your attention. The ones who are willing to spend the big bucks, at first, are often doing so because they want to assert their self-impression of power as a person who can control things and get what they want. These kinds of people almost always get bored after they have taken you away from others who were competing for you and then you are dropped. Beware of the big spenders, not only are they the most-likely-to-hire-escorts for their control needs, but they never stay and they only do it for their self-satisfaction. Also, if you are taking all of the big concert ticket dates over the regular dates then you will get an unrealistic sense of who pays for what. The big spenders will pay for everything, at first, before they get bored and drop you. Users go for the big ticket offers but always get karma/payback when they keep getting dumped after a short time. Consider your process. Users get used. It always comes around.

If he, or she, looks like a fashion model, dresses and does make up and body modifications to look like a fashion model, then they are often buying into the user/used program. The ones who go to lengths to objectify themselves always end up getting objectified and objectifying. You hear endless stories about super hot gals and guys who “can’t ever seem to keep a relationship”. It is because they have bought into the user/used process and surround themselves with superficial super hot “friends’ who look and act the same way in order to create a bubble of controlled perception around themselves. If you are super hot but your relationships only last a short time and you are always out on a date where you can “be seen”,  then this is you. 99% of the world does not look like super hot fashion models. If you go through your photos and see more than 2 shots of you and your “friends”, arm-in-arm, where most of your friends look like super hot fashion models, then you are doing it. If you make yourself into a visual object you will get treated like a disposable item from the market. Appearance changing model-type make-up, eyebrow modifications, silicone, injections, sexually enhancing clothes, blow-outs, Ferrari’s and other tools-of-the-trade, only set you up for one thing. If this is not you, but you know someone who is living a life of affectation, then do an intervention and print this page out or PDF it and get it in front of them.

Robert– “In the Bay Area we have Mill Valley/Tiburon/Sausalito. All the single ladies there just got divorced from a millionaire that realized they were gold-digging. Read the divorce lawsuits at San Rafael Civic Center, they all say this. In Mill Valley the entire hill above the Goodmans Hardware is called “Divorce Hill” because it is where they send them to hunt for a new target that is “financially secure” as they say in their ads. They are so elitist and racist as they hunt for their new millionaire. You can always get a dinner with them, they look like fashion models, but if you keep them it will cost you your soul and your bank account forever. It is so frightening that they have it all systemized like a man-conveyer belt”

Andrean- “If you are a gold-digging, trophy-wife, divorcee money-grubbin whore you will never, ever, ever, ever find a guy with money in online dating. The rich ones do not date online. They buy girlfriends at bars and hire escorts.”

Susan- “You should start the first date by both people putting money in a paypal payment, then, whoever dumps who loses the money…oh yah, we already have that, marriage.”

Carla-It is a sad fact that part of our society is based on men marrying women because it will help their “wall street” job image and women marrying those men in order to position themselves to get their money in the planned divorce. It should be illegal.”

Allen– “Guys, to avoid gold-diggers, never date a woman who just got divorced. Ever! If she has a nice car, you know she is in trouble.   Most hot women go into shock when they get divorced and realize all of the cash came from the guy. Suddenly they are desperate to get any new guy with cash. Our society is so sad around this.”

Roger- “There is this certain group of women you see in online dating, mostly in Marin County and the Hamptons; these types are materialistic, entitled, rude, trophy wife, career-less people who just got divorced from a millionaire who bought them a big house. They went to an ivy-league school to get a man and are now on the hunt again. You must be very careful of these Kardashian-esque user-people. If they have lots of facade-ware in their profile pictures and talk about “nice things” then you have your red flags.”

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