Meet Greylock Capitol; Obama’s and Clinton’s Covert Financial Fraud Operation  


By Moshe Heiffetz – CNN Consulting    

James Comey should have arrested everyone in the Greylock ( ) office, but he protected them on orders from Obama. That shield is now long gone. Demands have now been filed with the new 2017 FBI for the arrests of Greylock’s key staff.    

Greylock practices political bribery, epic tax evasion, off-shore financial fraud, stock market pump-and-dump algorithm manipulation, intern sexual coercion, black-listing, anti-trust violations, advertisement fraud with hundreds of millions of fake web users for their companies, election rigging and worse. I can say this because I, and my co-workers, watched them do it. They are pieces of shit and if they want to come after us, we will bring the FBI, The NSA, Interpol, The IRS, U.S. Congress, Trey Gowdy and all of the taxpayers along for the ride. Greylock is, literally, the scum that destroyed American politics and they need to be taken down.    

I am Jewish yet I am offended by Greylock’s reference to itself as “...the biggest of the Big Jews”. While Greylock is, indeed, responsible for sending billions of dollars to Israel’s political efforts, marketing yourself as being Jewish in order to garner business credentials seems a bit contrived. This has nothing to do with Antisemitism and everything to do with Anti-corruption.    

A quick scan of the faces of Greylock Partners shows some distinctive patterns outside of the obvious cultural similarities. A stand-out is Reid Hoffman. This guy takes “FAT” to a whole new level. Clearly he took his vast fortune from his Linkedin windfall and spent it on sandwiches. Why didn’t he get one of those stomach operations with a tiny portion of his billions? He seems to revel in his fatness. If he is actually a homosexual, as many suspect, then this must make it very difficult for him to continue to take it up the backside.    

Staffers Simon Rothman, Josh McFarland, Jeff Markowitz, Roger Evans, etc. have that distinct gay vibe look too. This figures in to the fact that these guys spent more time and money helping America get transgender bathrooms and state sponsored sex change operations and created the largest volume of sexually confused children in the history of the nation. You can thank them for the dramatic push for all things homosexual in the Obama and Clinton Administration. Their hyper-gay law firm partner: Covington and Burling, loves to shove a good sexual identity crisis up Congress’s butt.    

If you think George Soros is the biggest financier and provocateur of all things Anti-Trump, you are wrong. It is these guys.    

Notice that one of their staff is DJ Patil? That is one of the 12 main guys who illegally rigged the 2008, mid-term and 2016 election data processors. Forget about “Russian election interference” and look straight down your subpoena at “Greylock election interference”. Patil is a criminal. He and his buds screwed every voter in America by creating a manipulated election system and optimizing computational propaganda. Reid Hoffman sent out emails to organize riots at the San Francisco Airport. This whole pack of folks are the ones who create and propagandize these “AntiFa” riot protests. They do it because they are pissed off sore losers who had their trillion dollar crony payola scam exposed. Poor babies!    

Another thing you will notice about the faces of the Greylock Taliban is the massive volume of Douche Bags involved there. You see that they have those piggy little eyes that are too close together. They have that smile that is as fake as it is sinister. They have the same smile that the twisted clown gives your family before he kills your children behind the main circus tent. None of them have that Colgate smile that you usually see in business photos. They have the con-man glint in their eye that says “I just screwed your marital partner”. They look like they just walked off the set of Animal House but were never on the John Belushi side of the team. They are as fake and superficial as twenty dollar whores in a Park Avenue shoe store. Many of them have those pretentious little GQ gay beards that say: “I’m cool like an Italian Spaghetti Western but also kind of fruity”.    

These guys run the cash facades for Al Gore, John Podesta, Barack Obama, The Clinton’s and that pack of Usual Suspects.    

When they are not hanging out on Palo Alto’s University Avenue looking for tail or expressing their narcissism at a TED or Burning Man look-at-me event, they sit around and count their illicit cash. They really need to be sitting around in federal prison counting the flies.          



































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