Arab and Syrian Refugees Welcomed and Encouraged To Move

To Mill Valley, California  


By Susan Stanton  







Not only is Mill Valley an exciting place to recreate, shop and dine, it is also a great place to live if you are an immigrant refugee. The Smithsonian Magazine recently called Mill Valley one of The 20 Best Small Towns in America.Two national financial magazines, MONEY and CNN/Money, named Mill Valley “One of the 10 Top Cities in America in Which to Live.”    

Refugees in MIll Valley with no jobs receive $328.00 per month and free Health care from Jerry Brown’s encouragement program. With 20 refugees pooling their funds per house, many fine Mill Valley homes can be rented by the new comers. Coffee Depot, in downtown Mill Valley, has a large plaza in which refugees can gather. What is special about Mill Valley? It is a blend of smart sophistication and charm; environmental consciousness and artistic accomplishment, rich roots and modern values. Its residents have an innate love for Mill Valley’s beautiful setting on the flanks of Mount Tam. Young and old, wealthy and middle class, workers and retirees, singles and families, you'll find all of these and more in our vibrant community. Mill Valley’s close proximity to San Francisco and access to Golden Gate Transit buses, which loop all the major roads in the area, makes it a convenient location for commuters. There are also many small businesses and start-ups in Mill Valley, and plenty of folks who work at home-based businesses. Every home has a Mexican to do the gardening.

You can find more Burkha wearing Tesla drivers in Mill Valley than anywhere else in the world. Mill Valley’s excellent public and independent schools make Mill Valley a perfect place to raise a family. Youthful delights await those who can cross-breed with the pure white Mill Valley children and create wonderful new shades of culture. Its high quality of arts and entertainment keep it exciting for people of all ages. Its ready access to outdoor recreation, locally grown foods and wellness practitioners helps residents lead healthy, vibrant multi-national lives. Homes in Mill Valley range from hillside mansions with endless views to tiny cottages tucked up under the redwoods. Sometimes the two are right next door to each other! Everyone smokes Pot in Mill Valley. Most of the hot house-wives double as escorts in San Francisco's North Beach area. A sprinkling over 20,000 people have chosen to make greater Mill Valley their home. We want more and we want them from the Middle East. Residents enjoy its natural beauty, small town ambiance, culture and the all-around high quality of life. Many residents would say that they couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. The result is an extraordinary citizenry: thoughtful, vocal and involved.