How Obama Broke The Law: The biggest kick-back scheme in history!

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How Obama Broke The Law: The biggest kick-back scheme in history!


Did President Obama Illegally kickback taxpayer cash to John Doerr, and Elon Musk, in Exchange For His Presidency?

Whether, or not, you are a Democrat, or a Republican, this case is an organized crime case, not an ideology matter. If one party does a crime, like this, then it gives permission for the other party to run such a crime out of the Oval Office. In that case, every single voter loses, no matter their party.

Here are the key questions, and answers, about this matter:

Q: Are Elon Musk and John Doerr the only two people, in history, to receive tens of billions of dollars of give-away money from federal employees that Barack Obama personally controlled?
A: Yes!


Q: Were many competing parties seeking the same funds, at the same time, and were any of those other parties directly connected to President Obama’s personal staff, or business interests, as closely as John Doerr and Elon Musk?
A: No! Only these two had the same stock, business asset, social and political relations that were this close. The historical facts, in retrospect, now prove that the program was rigged.


Q: Does an unbiased, un-compromised, comparative technical analysis, of the products that Musk and Doerr got Obama cash for; compared to competing applicants for funds show any glaring considerations?
A: Yes, The Musk and Doerr products were dangerous and, indeed, have now proven their danger by killing people and companies; the Musk and Doerr products required the invasion of other countries in order to get their raw materials; The Musk and Doerr products have been proven to be the most expensive options, for American consumers, with some of the lowest demand by American consumers.


Q: Would Musk and Doerr business operations exist today without tens of billions of dollars of White House taxpayer cash handouts?
A: No. 


Q: Would an “actual owner” stock investigation find that the suspects owned all of the same commodities stocks and that they had acquired them through insider trading via this scam?
A: Yes!


Q: Do John Doerr and Elon Musk have a financial, political, social, stock market and management interest in Google?
A: Yes.

Q: Do they use their relationship with Google to manipulate election results, stock market results, competitor attacks and personal aggrandizement by using Google to manipulate the voter, stock and marketing information that over ¾-ers of the world’s population sees?
A: Yes! 


Q: Do some investigators suggest that Gary D. Conley, David Bird, Rajeev Motwani, Dan Feinberg, Forrest Hayes, and others, were killed in order to keep this crime a secret?
A: Yes!


Q: Does almost every federal law enforcement agency have a case open on this; but they are being ordered to “stand down” by the White House; or are having their investigations, otherwise, jammed-up, by the White House?
A: Yes!


Q: Were Elon Musk and John Doerr personally involved in the suggestion of, nomination of, appointment of, and direction of, the Department of Energy’s Steven Chu, Steve Spinner, Jason Gerbsman, Matt Rogers, Steve Silver, and the White House’s Steven Rattner and Richard Blum?
A: Yes!


Q: What are the mathematical odds that, of 320 million Americans, the same 20 people, who were managing the award of nearly a trillion dollars of federal assets, would, coincidentally, happen to find that their best friends should be the recipients of that cash?
A: The odds lead to only one possible conclusion.


Q: Do the facts show that White House, Department of Energy and IRS staff worked with Musk, Doerr and Google staff to attack sabotage, character assassinate and stonewall competitors and whistle-blowers to their scheme?
A: Yes! The Lois Lerner scandal and email leaks, are only the tip of the iceberg. 


Q. Did White House staff use their influence to order agencies like the IRS, the California state Controller, the Department of Energy and the Federal Reserve Bank to manipulate due process in order to rig profits for Musk and Doerr?
A: Yes! New communications data and FOIA records show this to have taken place.


Q: Does leaked European banking data show that the parties, mentioned above, and their families and associates, had secret bank funds where they hid and transferred the cash from this scam? Does that data also prove the existence of secret PAC’s and trust funds for the hiding of this money?
A: Yes 



p class=”MsoNormal”>Q: Did President Obama have personal knowledge of this activity, since January of 2008, and did he order federal employees to engage in a cover-up using state and federal resources?

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