Experts call federal executives “illogical” and “abusive” for refusing to repay damages to U.S. citizens that THEY maliciously attacked

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Experts call federal executives “illogical” and “abusive” for refusing to repay damages to U.S. citizens that THEY maliciously attacked


In a famous case, by victims of the CleanTech Department of Energy funding manipulation scandal, nearly 40 federal officials have been forced to resign or been fired, their campaign backers have been placed under investigation, Entire political campaigns have been crashed; and that appears to be only the beginning. With 2016 elections approaching; the public, victims rights groups, lawyers, the media and more are crunching down on the bad guy politicians who engaged in these misdeeds.

The victims have simply asked to be reimbursed for the damages that federal officials caused to them by their intentional targeting actions.

According to financial and social economics analysts, if the federal officials do not settle up, the costs of NOT settling will be in the billions. Their campaigns will be ruined, their PR will be countered. Their other schemes will be exposed. It will be a disaster. The disaster could all be avoided if not for the hubris and arrogance of these politicians.

According to reporters following the case: “The federal officials wish to act like bitchy little school girls who got caught smoking in the school bathroom”.

Instead of accepting responsibility for their actions, the federal officials at the Department of Energy and the White House Press office have gone into “cover-up mode”.

In the Age of Transparency, social media and the lowest public approval ratings in the history of Washington DC, their head-in-the-sand approach has proven to be a total disaster. 60 Minutes and tens of thousands of published journalism articles, have shown the Steven Chu Department of Energy façade up for what it was: a total scam against taxpayers.

Instead of paying their debts, Department of Energy and White House staff tried to hide things under the rug. Unfortunately, for them, that rug is frayed, thread-bare and slowly falling apart under the tide of public circumspection.

History has proven, time and time again, that the longer you keep a cover-up going, the worse it is for those covering up.

Clearly, this will no longer wait until after the 2016 elections. In fact, the only hope for any of the political candidates whom the Department of Energy hopes will, in turn, help them, is to resolve this immediately.

The victims have gotten together with all of the rest of the groups, individuals and media organization who seek justice in this, and related matters. Together, they have already had great impacts in early take-downs of some who attacked them. They are fine doing the rest of the take-downs, from the biggest to the smallest, all without breaking a single law. All while using the law to their advantage.

Department of Energy Staff and White House staff have been fully informed of the metrics of settle this vs. take the hit. Stunning examples have been provided in the take-downs of Solyndra, A123, and dozens of Senators and “political money intermediaries” suddenly getting arrested. Even the FBI and the GAO are helping  the victims.

About the only support the bad guy politicos have on their side are a few corrupt cash-bag billionaires. Those particular billionaires, though, are one stock market crash away from becoming impotent.

The evidence is clear, and proven, as described by one of the victims groups:

The White House put Steven Chu into office per the demands of Silicon Valley campaign financiers. Chu was to supply money back to those financiers, via the rigging of government funding programs. Chu, and DOE staff, sabotaged all applicants for those same funds, per White House staff directions, unless they were part of the campaign financiers group, and PARTICULARLY, if they had technology which competed with those financiers. White House staff put media, economic and digital hit-jobs on anyone who complained. A huge amount of confirming evidence, leaks, witnesses and investigation results proves this, beyond a doubt, to be true. Now, those State and Federal parties have been found out, and must recompense those who they maliciously damaged, in their petty, and vindictive, retribution campaign. These actions, according to federal agency published reports, have cost taxpayers nearly half a trillion dollars in losses.”

According to investigators, certain candidates, now running for 2016 elections, were fully aware of this scam and their campaigns will be compromised if this drags on.

Many feel that it is “insane and illogical for federal officials to shirk their responsibility in a matter in which they so overtly screwed up

The public is encouraged to call the White House Press office at 202-555-1212


And the Department of Justice Press office at   202-514-2000


And ask them “why they won’t engage in their responsibility to offset the damages of the victims of the Steven Chu CleanTech Crash and help America get back to work”!


p class=”MsoNormal”>This Labor Day, federal documents reveal that nearly a third of America is out of work. The Obama Administration can no longer afford to be intentionally keeping Americans out of work, and running economic hit-jobs on those who try to work, but can’t, because of such hit-jobs.

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