Donald Trump’s Biggest Secret

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Donald Trump’s Biggest Secret

Ted Cruz does not get social media.

Donald Trump way, totally, gets social media.

Every time Donald Trump calls Megyn, the news-lady, a “Bimbo”, he gets another 237,363 votes.

I know. You are thinking. “No, that’s not possible”, He is “offending a female”; it will cost him votes.


As Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton will tell you, from their proven multi-million dollar formula: the more you offend, in social media, the stickier you become in people’s brains.

Yes indeed. It is the psychology of mass stupidity. It pretty much works, in perfect form, on the internet.

If you are a candidate and you can’t, right this second, clearly explain: “Mnemonic trigger mentions as a psychological tool”; then you have totally lost the race.

Remember that you first heard of Kim Kardashian when she created a multi-racial sex tape and now she is the brand image for multi-million dollar cosmetic companies. From a wiener in her butt to cash in the bank, she made outrage pay the bills. Did Anthony Weiner show his Weiner for the same reason? Was he trying to create social media outrage in order to get Hillary’s girlfriend some Mnemonic uptick for her Vice President gig? Kim’s weiner waggle won. Weiner’s weiner waggle was wasted. You have to wangle your weiner just right.

Outrage makes you rich and it gets you elected. Shockingly this is our new reality.

It is so powerful because few can see it happening, and it always works. The Donald’s social media director is frigging brilliant.

Donald is not tweeting all of those tweets himself, we bet. His Directors of Outrage and Social Disruption are up all night working on 140 letters of shock and awe a minute.

Trump knows that 80% of the voters react to shiny objects, noise and need zero substance. The voters need entertainment. Trump delivers in spades.

For those of you who say: “Trump is a joke. You can’t win a top political position by being an actor and a…  errrr..uh…”:

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Ronald Reagan

Jessie Ventura

Trump gets it. In horror, some old school polling groups have discovered that many of the hip, cool, web savvy, ultra modern young Millennials are planning to vote for Trump just to “screw up the old rigged system”.

Are you outraged yet?


OK, wait for Donald Trumps next tweet.

Then you will be out-raged; and his name will be permanently burned into your brain.




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