Charlie Sheen Is A Sexual Gourmet. Inside the lust for lust!

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Charlie Sheen Is A Sexual Gourmet. Inside the lust for lust!



Blogger’s relish sharing collaborative pseudo-outrage on-line. In their latest screeds, they decry the man-to-man oral sex between Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre (if you believe the Bloggers) in the latest cavalcade of Sheen flesh which implies that Charlie Sheen was driven to kink by the abuses of his former employer.



While numerous media outlets have now viewed the videos and confirmed that one man is Charlie Sheen, the identity of the other man, in the most recent videos, is unclear.



What is clear is that Charlie liked sex. He liked it high-end, with famous sex providers and he paid well for it.



The women that Charlie hired were the idealized versions of sex objects. They offered themselves, via Heidi Fliece’s service, LA Girls and Studio “talent” services with the synthetic persona’s of every guys commercialized sexual fantasies. They were actresses and they played parts.



One of Sheen’s favorite Heidi Fliece girls was starlet and eroticist Kelly Ashton. Ms. Ashton has the Colgate smile and the mid west hard-body of a country girl along with the western-exotic facial look that hinted of American Indian, Italian, and gypsy highlights. Her ability to become any kind of woman that a client wanted was her greatest skill. She, and most of the girls that were bedded by Charlie, always said he was “a great guy”, in the early sex days of the Sheen machine.



Later, the “great guy” reviews became increasingly sprinkled with “..BUT.. he flies off the handle when he does too many shots and pills…”



Kelly Ashton first got a call, to Service Sheen when Heidi Fliece was in her heyday. It is ironic that both Flieve and Sheen went from the top of the heap to the dark side, in about the same time-frame, thanks to drugs.



Sheen was not so much a “horny” guy as he was an emotionally driven guy. He needed the intensity of emotion that the orgasm brings. There is nothing more powerful in the world. He had the money, he had the time, he had the friends who egged him on, he had the mansion, he had Heidi saying: “just try this perfect blonde bombshell who will do anything you can dream as any character you can imagine.”



Charlie was pulled into the scene like a cat on a string.



Help For Sex Addiction



The Joy Of Overcoming Sex Addiction

Written by Joe Zychik

All addictions negatively impact a person’s life.

Drugs and alcohol destroy the mind. Smoking destroys the body. Overeating undermines health.

Sexual addiction is different. Although there is a risk of disease, sex addiction does not directly destroy the body like drugs, alcohol, smoking or overeating. Nor does it have the direct effect on the mind that alcohol and drugs do.

Sexual addiction’s main damage is done to one’s ability to carry on an honest, committed, caring, intimate relationship.

To overcome a sexual addiction, the sexually addicted person needs to ask him/herself, “Do I want a real and loving relationship in my life?”

The desire to have a genuine intimate relationship is the most effective motivation there is to overcoming a sex addiction.

Unfortunately, motivation alone is not enough to overcome an addiction. But it is a good start. The more motivation a person has, the better their chances of overcoming their addiction. So let’s look at other motivations:


Sex is a profound pleasure. However, when a person is sexually addicted, sex becomes a compulsion that one must indulge like drugs, alcohol, smoking or overeating. Sex addicts, like other addicts, go through binges and feel terrible afterwards.

One of the great pleasures of overcoming a sexual addiction is being able to enjoy sex without the guilt that accompanies sexually addictive behavior


All addiction is a form of psychological slavery. No one made the addict a slave. The addict did it to him or herself. By the same token, it is the addict who frees him or herself. But until they are free, addicts don’t know when their addiction will call and what they will do to satisfy it.

Overcoming a sexual addiction liberates a person from the beck and call of their compulsion and fills the person with a wonderful sense of freedom.

Positive Outlook:

To be addicted is to be out of control, which fills the addict’s everyday life with anxiety and despair.

Most people who are addicted have no idea that much of the despair and anxiety they experience is caused by their addiction.

When they overcome their addiction they’re amazed at how much better they feel about life’s possibilities.

Self Respect:

Sex addiction takes a great toll on one’s self-esteem. Being out of control causes the addict to lose confidence in him/herself. Cheating and deceiving to hide the addiction or engage in it result in self-disgust. Not being able to sustain a genuine loving relationship causes despair, loneliness, frustration, and self-alienation.

By overcoming a sexual addiction, the addicted person develops the confidence and self-respect every person needs in order to find happiness in life.

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Contact Info

Dear Joe,

When I first contacted you, I had tried to quit “cold-turkey” many, many times before. After acting out my addiction, I would swear that this was the last time and I’m never going to do this again. But, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, I would be back to my addiction within weeks, if not days.

I contacted several people from sex addiction support groups. Every one had the same advice for me: Get into a twelve step program and start attending as many meetings as I possibly could. Well, that simply would not work for me. After I read your book, I called you, and after one conversation, I decided that I wanted you to help me.

Thanks to you, I am now able to have a normal, intimate relationship with my wife. I thought that I had loved her as much as I possibly could. But, during the counseling, I saw that my addiction was actually getting in the way of our relationship. I was indulging in this fantasy world that I had built up around me and I had little intimacy left over for my wife. Needless to say, this was having a negative impact on us not to mention making me feel guilty all of the time. Now, I’m more fully able to express my love for her, both emotionally and physically.

My work has improved as well, as a result of your counseling. I don’t spend hours every day trying to appease my addiction. Needless to say, this has greatly increased my productivity at work.

For the first time in my life, I have hope. I can finally look at myself in the mirror and be happy about the kind of person that I am. I know, at last, that I am being true to myself; that I am being the kind of person that I always knew I was deep inside: a loving, faithful husband. For this, you have my undying gratitude.

Bertram [real name withheld]

If you would like to know more about how sex addiction is overcome, it will be my pleasure to spend a half hour talking to you and advising you about how to overcome your addiction at no charge.Whatever you tell me will stay in confidence. I will not try to make you feel guilty. I will not try to humiliate you. I will try to help you. Even if we never talk again, you will find that the time you and I spend speaking to each other will be beneficial to you.

You’re welcome to call me at: 866-414-CONTROL (866-414-2668) 

Call 877-332-2869 if the circuits are busy (International calls: 805-214-1377)

Skype joe.zychik

Snail Mail: Positive Realism 9732 Pyramid Way #327 Sparks, NV 89441



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