Best Place To Pick Up Girls? A Quest Laboratories Waiting Room

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Best Place To Pick Up Girls? A Quest Laboratories Waiting Room


“…Because all of the girls there are waiting for STD tests because they are banging so many guys. Just pick the ones that get negative results” , Say online pick-up artists.

These, and more gems of modern dating, can be found in the hottest new site trend, online dating advice sites.

Dating is not like it used to be. You need pro advice if you are going to get your nookie or your husband from the online world. Here are some of the things you will learn from the online dating tips sites:

In the recent Ashley Madison, and other dating sites, leaks it was discovered that single people pretend to be married in order to appeal to the sexually twisted, other single people, who only get off on illicit sex. This hack has brought down everyone from Gawker writers to Reality show stars to famous politicians.

Did you know that Tinder is the most surveilled dating app in the world? This means that more government spy agencies cull the Tinder user data than any other dating site. Can you hardly wait until the Tinder hack happens?

Rich tech men buy oxytocin vapor sprays and date rape liquids, that that are almost undetectable, that trick women into having sex. They make Bill Cosby look like a beginner.

Foreign countries have entire industries built around buying old SIM cards and creating thousands of fake dating profiles an hour. This is the regular job for many people. They get paid minimum wage to post fake dating profiles in order to sucker people in to dating sites!

In high-net worth regions of California, New York, Florida and other states, hundreds of thousands of women base their income off of using as a meal ticket and gift supply center. They defraud different men into buying them breakfast, lunch and dinner. They go from man to man, day, after day. Many do not even have sex with the men. They are called “Dating Shills” and this is their work.

Online dating is based on facial appearance. If you don’t have hyper-stylized facial features and highly affected expressions, you might not make it in online dating. The cute kids in college became attention whores and narcissists online. They post miles of “look-at-me” selfies as a desperate cry for attention and self-validation.  

Many of the “super hot” women on dating sites are fakes launched by Troll Farms. The actual, real, women, who look too hot to need a dating service, are often doing the attention whore thing with the added bonus of male objectification retribution. This means that they finally got sick of every man using them for sex and decided they wanted some payback. They create dating profiles and, when men write, they start out with a few texts of pleasantries and then suddenly “go off” on the first thing they can find to become abusive to the men about. They use these sites as social revenge tools for the high-volume abuse of men as part of their need to “get even” with all men for treating them like sex tools.

Since the Craigslist, Redbook, and now Ashley Madison hooker sites were killed off, all of the hookers have gone to and OK Cupid. If you look for women wearing pearls, or using the secret keywords (Like “discrete”, “generous” or “marin county”) in their profile text, you can find them. They never discuss cash online. They go over the details of the terms at a “Starbucks” introductory meeting.

All this, and more internet horrors, can be found by web searching for “internet dating advice” or “how to date online” internet dating advice sites.

Be aware, internet dating is nothing like you expect. It is not like anything you ever saw in a movie (aside from Fatal Attraction) or read about in a book, when you were growing up. It isn’t Tom Sawyer out there, it is more like Caligula.

Your parents never taught you about this kind of dating because it did not exist when they dated. Honey traps, Troll Farms, Lipstick Shills, Dinner Whores and Match.ho’s did not exist in their time.

Be careful, read the facts, go into it with your eyes open.



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