Having babies should not be an excuse to get fat says hot mom!

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Hot mom asks other mommies: “What’s Your Excuse” for being a fat pig after you have kids? Many fat moms are just females who wanted to use kids as an income source for welfare profiteering. If you have kids, you need to lay off the ice cream and lay on to the treadmill, say healthy moms. Saturday Night Live makes fun of mother’s by stuffing giant pillows into the back of the actor’s pants in order to simulate the giant asses of most mothers. Mom’s DO NOT need to be walrus-blobs who wander around Walmarts looking for giant bags of Snickers candy bars. Any Mom can be hot after giving birth say the fit moms of today. This hot mom ended up getting divorced and her flat abs gave her a HUGE advantage, in the soccer-mom man replacement competition, for the hunt for the next husband and baby daddy financier.


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