There is no way on Earth to stop what is coming!

By The Team

If you had a button that you could push that could instantly kill all of us, all of our friends, anybody who might see this on the Internet and everybody who ever read anything we wrote, for the last 80 still could not stop what is coming…

Because it is already here!

The entire planet is getting woken up and there are 8 billion of them and only 800 of you!

You are evil and want to harm and abuse those 8 billion people to pay for your sex cults, private jets and power-madness.

Those 8 billion people just want to live a life of freedom.

The math is not on your side Mr. Oligarch.

The public sentiment is not on your side Mr. Oligarch.

The nature-of-things is not on your side Mr. Oligarch.

Your creation of your YouTube, Google, Twitter and Facebook psychological warfare tools and your take-over of Hollywood and main-stream media has been exposed.

You have nothing left and we still have 8 billion people that hate you and a million of them per day are finding each other and working to get rid of you.

Your time is up!