Masters of the Universe: The Disturbing Social Media History of Trump-Hating Google Engineer Alon Altman


The Google employee who called on the company to disable President Trump’s Android phone has a history of financially supporting affiliates of violent far-left Antifa groups and is a member of a prostitution and sex work social network.

Alon Altman is a senior engineer at Google who Breitbart News previously reported on when leaked internal messages revealed Altman calling for Google to use the “full economic force [of] Google for good” by disabling President Trump’s Android phone as well as deleting the accounts of all of President Trump’s aides and administration members. Altman also called on Google to delete “alt-right” sites on the Google ad network, falsely claiming that  Breitbart News was alt-right — a claim that has been refuted by a Harvard and M.I.T. study. According to inside sources at Google, Altman is one of the “most radical leftists at the company.” An investigation by Breitbart News has now revealed just how far left Altman is.

Evidence of Altman’s sympathy with radical anarchist groups such as Antifa, a group identified as a domestic terrorist organization by the U.S. government, can be found on his public Twitter profile, as can his open disdain for law enforcement and vocal support of prostitution and sex work. Shortly after Breitbart News’ initial report on Altman, he seemed to become obsessed about the pronouns that Breitbart News used to refer to him, likely because Altman refers to himself as “genderqueer” and uses “they/them/their” pronouns.

All of the below tweets were archived from Altman’s public Twitter page.

Altman also apologized for the wording he used in his initial call for Google to disable President Trump’s phone and delete sites such as Breitbart News from Google’s ad-network. In his initial post within Google’s internal forums, Altman used the term “blacklist” which he now says is an offensive term:


Altman explained why he considers this wording to be an issue in another tweet, stating that terms such as “blacklist” have “negative implications for black people.”

Altman is a vocal opponent of the second amendment and wants to ban all guns in the United States. Altman has made his opinion on this matter very clear in multiple tweets featuring the hashtags “#RepealThe2nd” and “GunControlNow”

Altman is also extremely anti-law enforcement and has regularly published tweets with the hashtag “ACAB” which stands for “All Cops Are Bastards.” In the tweet below, Altman encourages people not to use “the gendered terms policeman and policewoman. Instead use the gender neutral term — pig.”

Altman is also a supporter of Kitty Stryker, a member of the Antifa group responsible for the riots at Berkeley last year during an event hosted by Milo Yiannopoulos. Stryker is described as “a feminist writer, an anarchist activist, a Juggalo anthropologist, and an authority on consent culture.” Stryker acts as a “street medic” with a group she formed called “Struggalo Circus,” who generally aid Antifa members that are injured during brawls.

Stryker has published multiple blog posts referencing her actions at the “Battle for Berkeley.” Stryker regularly follows “Juggalos,” the nickname given to fans of the rap duo known as the Insane Clown Posse, and discussed documenting a Juggalo march on Washington DC.

“I’ve been on the ground at the Battles of Berkeley and I have to say every time I have witnessed the police standing down while white supremacists “defend their free speech” with knives, reinforced sticks, and straight up police grade tear gas and pepper spray. It is folly of the most dangerous degree to expect that the police are not sympathetic to these fascists, especially when they “accidentally” indicate themselves to be.”

In one tweet, Altman offers money to Stryker and states that they are “Sending hugs if you want them,”

Altman also supports Stryker on her Patreon where she receives approximately $1322 a month:

Altman has also posted multiple tweets relating to sex work and prostitution, including wearing a t-shirt to work which reads “sex work is work” to his job at the Google offices:

Altman also offered to help any sex workers that needed help with tech advice “free of charge”

Altman has also offered his followers what appears to be a vacation to Disneyland as long as they “like cuddles” and “don’t mind nudity.”

Altman also has a profile on Switter, the prostitution enabling social network that was recently banned by CloudFlare. In an interview with The Verge, an Australian escort named Lola Hunt discussed Switter saying “Switter, for many people, has become their main point of contact for communication between them and other workers as well as them and clients. Especially after the closure of [Backpage] we saw a rise in member sign ups. Many people looking for a platform which won’t boot them off for how they make a living.”

And whether there was any debate left surrounding Altman’s political affiliations, these tweets comparing President Trump to Hitler and former President Obama to God should clear them up:

Despite all of this information being posted publicly, Altman is still currently employed by Google and has been for the past seven years. As Breitbart’s Allum Bokhari wrote in his previous report on Altman:

She was named as one of the key architects of political discrimination at Google by a whistleblower we interviewed last August. As we have reported, she has previously called on the company to discipline or terminate any employee who agreed with James Damore’s viewpoint diversity manifesto, which argued that there was an atmosphere of political intolerance at Google.

Breitbart News reported recently that Google warns many of the company’s managers against rewarding behavior that caters to the values of “white-male dominant culture,” These values apparently include “meritocracy,” “individual achievement” and “avoiding conflict.” Three new plaintiffs have joined Damore’s lawsuit against Google, which alleges that the company discriminates against white, Asian, male, and conservative employees.

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