No surprise: 97% of Hollywood execs donate to Democrats

By Rick Moran

The Hollywood Reporter examined reams of data from the Federal Election Commission and determined that there were only three movie executives out of the top 100 who contributed to Republican or conservative political organizations.

Out of $5 million in political donations from Hollywood bigshots, only $11,500 went to Republicans.

Only three members of this year's THR 100 list donated to Republicans or Republican committees: Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels donated $5,000 to moderate Republican Sen. Susan Collins; WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey gave $2,000 to both Tennessee Republican Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn and the National Republican Congressional Committee; and Viacom CEO Bob Bakish gave $1,500 to Republican Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson and $1,000 to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The biggest Hollywood donations went almost all to Democrats.  The Senate Majority PAC was the primary recipient, with HBO host Bill Maher ($1 million), Netflix CEO Reed Hastings ($500,000) and Endeavor executives Ari Emanuel ($100,000) and Patrick Whitesell ($100,000) making major donations.

"Every donation we receive is critical to help us ensure victory come Election Day," said Senate Majority PAC president J.B. Poersch.

Talent agency management gave consistently and generously to Democrats.  After Whitesell ($147,400 in total donations) and Emanuel ($120,400 in donations), CAA Managing Partner Bryan Lourd paced the field ($106,300 in donations), followed by ICM Partners Managing Director Chris Silbermann ($54,700) and CAA Managing Partner Kevin Huvane ($47,300).

Directors have been among Hollywood's most prolific donors, including Steve Spielberg ($549,000) and J.J. Abrams ($347,500).

Netflix executives also made their presence felt, led by chief executive Reed Hastings, who has made 14 donations totaling $546,600.

If it's not surprising that so many top Hollywood executives gave to Democrats – and it isn't – perhaps we should start thinking about what this news actually means.

It's no secret that traditional American values are losing out in this changing cultural landscape.  The indoctrination techniques being employed by the left that begin when children first set foot into an American classroom have accomplished exactly what they intend to accomplish.  America's young children grow up to become teenagers and then young adults believing that traditional values are racist, sexist, oppressive, and out of step with the times.  They are taught from the youngest age that America needs "fundamental transformation," which includes ending "white privilege"; the "rape culture"; and all forms of racial, ethnic, and religious bigotry. 

To achieve this cultural miracle,  we must worship at the altars of diversity and multiculturalism, change the narrative of American history to reflect the racism and oppression of American society, and create students who are hypersensitive to any perceived slight or "injustice."

The way in which the educational system is reinforced is through film and television.  What we see on the big and small screens is nothing more than liberal group think in action.  It is one ideology's vision of what constitutes "social justice," and the Constitution and the traditional values it represents become irrelevant.

Those who believe in traditional values are ignored, or worse.  And ironically, despite calls for "diversity," America is fast becoming ideologically and intellectually uniform in what is defined as "acceptable" thought.